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How to work well on Exotic Africa

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Hello and Welcome to Exotic Africa. While with us, we expect that you will have a fulfilling experience working as an Exotic Escort. For this reason, we want to share with you information based on the experiences of others and what we have learned over the years to help you make the best of your time working as an Exotic Escort.

This information will help you and others who keep joining us to stay safe and have an all-round fulfilling experience working with us.

Below are some of the best escort practices that we encourage you to try:

1) Have an additional mobile phone and a number other than your personal one for work. If you can have it registered in names other than your real official names, it would be a bonus but you can register it in your own names and use it exclusively for Exotic Escort work. Having an internet-enabled phone will enable you to log in to your Exotic Africa account and also register on WhatsApp so you can easily chat with clients on the website as well as International Clients.

2) When you go to see a client, do not carry a lot of money (your transport money and a little extra is enough). Leave your ATM, personal phone and/or any valuable items you may have on you at home or somewhere safe and if possible, go cashless. Have enough credit on your phone to do an online transfer to your cab driver if you have to.

3) Activate your online transfer code. visit your bank to get your code and learn to do a bank transfer (For our Nigerian users).

4) If you want to visit the bathroom to wash up or take a bath while with a client, go with your phone and bag. Leave the bathroom door open and be attentive while in there. Some clients may see this as an opportunity to run without paying.

5) If you want to sleep, put your phone under the pillow and rest your head on it. You are supposed to be always extra careful.

6) When with a client, DON’T sleep before them. Always let your client sleep before you. If you have to, you can even pretend to be asleep to gauge his/her movement but stay alert.

7) After you have concluded discussions on venue of meeting and your fee with a client, ask about:

The mode of payment – cash, mobile money, or wire transfer – and politely remind him it’s payment before service.

If he is paying by mobile money transfer, confirm the payment, because fake alerts or flashing alerts now exists where they reverse the money immediately. After the transfer, check your inbox for an SMS alert and also check your account balance again to confirm it is not a fake transfer.

8) Don’t do a video call showing your nudity to a client on cam. Some record and use it as blackmail for free fuck or extort money from you. It is OK to do a video call, but always be clothed. Some clients ask for nudes and many other ladies charge a fee for this. Remember to receive payment for nudes and video calls beforehand.

From experience, we encourage escorts to use their real pictures on the website. We do not show your face. We then VERIFY your profile and you can always tell the client that your profile is VERIFIED and that the pictures they see on your profile are real. Let them know that they will have to pay more for your explicit nude pictures and/or videos. DO NOT show your face on these pictures.

9) It is not advisable to meet at a client’s house but when you do, only go if he is staying in a safe neighbourhood. In addition, for your security always let someone else know where exactly you are going and share the client’s contact with them. You can do so by calling a friend in the client’s presence to let them know that you have arrived, and tell them how long you expect to be with the client.

It is however best to meet at a reputable hotel that has security. Do not meet at a client’s friend’s house, etc because of the increased risk of gang rape.

10) Before you go to meet a guy in a hotel, google the hotel name and address. Check the cost of the rooms, and don’t hesitate to call the hotel to ask if such a person is lodged there. Also, ask the client for the name he lodged with as most people don’t lodge with their real names. Call the hotel reception to verify if such a person is lodged there, and tell the receptionist you are asking because the hotel guest asked you to go see him. When talking to the receptionist, you can ask if he has paid for the room.

11) DO NOT leave to meet a new guy that chatted with you up late at night, or honor a late night invite to a hotel, bar, restaurant or club. Let them know that you need time to prepare for all your late meetups and ask them to book early. For regular clients whom you have developed a good relationship with, it is okay to meet them at night if you are available.

12) Consider incalls. Let the client come to you because it’s a lot safer. Ensure your valuables and expensive phones are away and do not have huge sums of cash at home. We encourage you to select a safe and well-lit neighborhood where clients will feel comfortable visiting. Parking and discreteness is an advantage.

13) Always conclude and agree over the phone all terms of service, duration, venue, and any other logistics before setting off to meet the client or inviting him over to your place. Remember, not all clients want the same services and therefore outline for them that you offer massage, date companionship, and the other extras. And while having this initial conversation, remind him gently a couple of times that payment is always done before service is given.

14) When a client arrives at your place during incalls, always demand your payment with a smile right after you have welcomed him and he is seated. For outcalls, demand your payment immediately you arrive and settle down.

You can work on a system with the client during hotel services where the client leaves your full payment in the bathroom then you can collect while you are freshening up or changing into the sexy lingerie you have carried with you to make your session exciting.

15) In instances where you have to travel far to meet a client, please inform him that he is supposed to cater for your transport. He can send you fare on Mobile money before you set off or he can hire an uber/cab for you. You can agree to deduct this fee from your total payment so that it works as a deposit. This will protect you from pranksters.

16) In case you have arrived and met the client but he is not willing to pay first, please politely excuse yourself and leave immediately. It is okay for him to pay half before, and half after.


Many escorts have complained that they get calls from people who are ”not serious” or time wasters. So every time you get silly questions from clients who call you, please note that every escort from across the world has received such calls. It is always up to you as a professional to convert those questions into seductive and enticing answers that will pique the client’s interest and make him want you more.

Remember some of these clients may never have been with an escort, are married and therefore also get nervous and want your assurance that they will indeed have a good time if they decide to engage your services.  

Below are some of the typical questions you will get:

1) Why are you doing this job?

How about you say, ‘I enjoy sex and love to pleasure my client with my bag of tricks?’

You need to sell yourself and stand out from all the other stunning girls on the site.

 2) What should I expect when I meet you?

 My priority is that you enjoy our time together.

3) Are your boobs, ass etc real?

Absolutely! Very soft and succulent.

4) Do you French kiss?

When you are clean (from STIs), neat and treat me like a lady, I will greet you with my sensual passionate tongue.

5) Are those truly your photos?

I’m VERIFIED on Exotic Africa (if using real pictures), so those pics are real. I would say I actually look prettier in person. So if you are after a natural endowed young and fresh girl with soft succulent body, you have found the right one.

Thank you!

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