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    Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, is unlike any other city in Africa. The city is filled with cinemas, cafés, and imported Fiat Cinquecentos. Come meet and make out with sexy escorts in Asmara today on Exotic Africa.

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    Asmara, the capital city of Eritrea, is unlike any other city in Africa. The city that resembles a southern Italian town has an original masterplan, which has rigorously adhered to after being drawn up by the Italian colonists in 1938.

    Today, Asmarinos as much as they are well-aware of all the ills Italian colonialism brought to their people but, at the same time, they are proud of this sophisticated, cultural heritage.

    The city is filled with cinemas, cafés, and imported Fiat Cinquecentos. 90% of its historic buildings remain intact, having escaped natural disasters and the worst ravages of war. Eritrea waged a long bloody border war with Ethiopia.

    Sights N Sounds in Asmara

    The Italian influence is not only seen in the local architecture but also in the city’s gastronomy.

    The city is filled with purely Italian restaurants serving pasta al dente, caprito al forno and risottos that can be excellent, especially in Albergo Italia, a fine-dining Italian restaurant serving super quality food. Local restaurants will always have a side menu with Italian dishes.

    I seriously doubt that, other than in big international African cities, such as Addis Ababa, Cape Town, Nairobi or Lagos, you will find Italian food as good as in Asmara.

    Coffee also plays a big role in Asmarino culture and hanging out in its innumerable cafés over an espresso or a macchiato is an integral part of any visit to Asmara.Their coffee is excellent, imported from Ethiopia but brewed in Italian style. Asmarinos claim that Cinema Roma serves the best coffee in town so come be the judge.Cinema Roma is an old school cinema today turned into a coffee place, where relatively wealthy Eritreans come to enjoy their morning espresso and a pastry.

    As for places there are many cool places to see when you visit Asmara.Liberty Avenue is the main palm-lined boulevard in the city, where you can find a large variety of cafés and old school Fiat Cinquecentos parked along the street. The main landmarks here are Saint Joseph Cathedral, built in 1920 in the Romanesque style, and Cinema Impero, an old Italian Cinema, still fully functional, but they mostly show local movies and a few action Hollywood movies.

    Fiat Tagliero building is a Futurist style gas station that resembles an airplane, built in 1938 by Italian engineer Giuseppe Pettazi in Asmara.This building was one of the main reasons Asmara became a UNESCO World Heritage site.
    Around 4-5 kilometers from the city, you find one the most popular things to see in Asmara, a tank graveyard containing all the military arsenal the Ethiopian Army left behind during the Ethiopian-Eritrean war.
    I can go on and on but the point is clear really Asmara is breathtakingly beautiful and worth a visit. The best way yo experience Asmara is through a local guide or hook up with an escort from Asamar at Exotic Africa. They are more than happy to offer you companionship and much much more.
    Where to stay when you visit Asmara
    African Village – Best option for backpackers. – is a majestic colonial building in which you find rooms of all prices, from 10USD rooms with shared bathroom to 30USD. All rooms are impeccably clean.

    Top Five Hotel and Crystal Palace are a mid range hotels loved by locals and foreigners alike
    Asmara Palace Hotel, a 4 star hotel located in Asmara, 3.8 miles from Independence Stadium Asmara, offers accommodations with a restaurant, free private parking, a fitness among other facilities and services.

    How to get to Eritrea
    Asmara International Airport, is the country’s largest airport and, as of 2017, the only one receiving regularly scheduled services.

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