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    Niamey is the largest city and since 1960 the national capital of Niger. The city is located along both sides of the Niger River in the south west of the country, about 90 km east of the border to Burkina Faso.

    In 1903 Niamey became the administrative seat of the Territoire Militaire du Niger and in 1926 the town became the capital of the French Colony of Niger.

    The city is divided into five Arrondissements, the two parts of the city on the left and the right bank of the river are connected by two bridges, the Pont Kennedy built in 1970, and since 2011 the Pont de l’amitié Chine-Niger (China-Niger Friendship Bridge).

    Today Niamey is occupied by Yoruba and Hausa traders, merchants, officials, and craftsmen from Nigeria, Benin and Togo as well as from other parts of Niger.

    Sights N Sounds in Niamey

    Ornate mosques, the vast Niger River, and museums that celebrate Niger’s cultural heritage are what will welcome you to this beautiful city.

    Take a tour of Niamey’s Grand Mosque, the largest and most beautiful mosque in the city. Built in the 1970s Niamey’s Grand Mosque has since become the city’s gathering place for Friday prayers.You can take a tour up the minaret’s 171 steps and look out from your place in the heart of the city.

    The lifeblood of the country and the river that gave the country its name, the Niger River awaits you. Set out on a sailing trip on a traditional wooden boat and look out for swimming hippos, rural villages and the most mesmerizing sunsets.

    You’ll find an impressive selection of exhibitions tucked inside Hausa-style pavilions at National Museum of Niger or Musee National du Niger as it’s known locally. Niamey boasts a unique fusion of Arab and African traditions and the museum is among the best in West Africa. Come here to learn about traditional dress, the homes and tools of Niger’s diverse ethnic groups, the history of the Sahara, and the country’s endless customs and traditions.

    Niamey’s Village de la Francophonie, a residential quarter built for the fifth games of the Francophonie back in 2005 is also a nice place to visit while in Niamey. International sporting event of sorts that brings together artists and athletes from across French speaking nations, the games of the Francophonie left behind a network of villas and a legacy of cultural wealth.

    How to get to Niamey

    Located 9 km from Niamey in the south eastern suburbs of the city, along the Route Nationale 1, the major highway linking Niamey with the east of the nation, lies Diori Hamani International Airport. Diori Hamani International Airport is where visitors coming into Niger alight. Taxis are also available to take visitors to their destination and they could be hired for a tour inside the city.

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