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The Comoros Islands, scattered off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean, is not your typical destination spot. Everyone on the Comoros speaks Comorian and French (and some Arabic), and a lot of young people seem to speak some English as well. Those who make it here will tell you it lives up to the paradise hype:  banana and palm trees, ylang-ylang, and the scent of cloves on the air. Meet captivating escorts in Comoros today on Exotic Africa.

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Escorts from Comoros

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The Comoros is a volcanic archipelago off Africa’s east coast, in the warm Indian Ocean waters of the Mozambique Channel. The nation state’s largest island, Grande Comore (Ngazidja) is ringed by beaches and old lava from active Mt. Karthala volcano.

There are four developed islands offering white sandy beaches, hiking in rainforests, giant fruit bats, volcanoes, and more. Mohéli is the smallest and yet the most fascinating of the Comoros Islands.You’ll find the country’s only national park here: Parc Marin de Mohéli. Nature lovers will want to check out the craggy islets that dot the island. The locals call it Mwali or Moili and it’s a great place for spotting marine life like sea turtles, whales, and dolphins. There is so much pristine beauty here that visitors don’t usually mind the lack of modern amenities. Mohéli is considered by many to be the highlight of the Comoros Islands.

The people of Comoros are Muslim, with a heavy Swahili influence, and the culture is rather traditional.

Where to stay in Comoros

Grande Comore is a nice Airbnb outside of Moroni, which cost 35 euros a night.

Villa Saifoudine is an excellent choice for travellers visiting Moroni, offering many helpful amenities designed to enhance your stay. The house is beautiful, with a really nice terrace and very clean rooms, and it’s just a five-minute walk from the city center. A double or twin room for two people costs 44 euros, and for one person is 32 euros.

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