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Escorts From Somalia

Meet Sexy escorts in the ‘White pearl of Indian Ocean’ on Exotic Africa

While Somalia is not your everyday vacation spot due to insecurity you should not completely cross it off from your travel list. Pristine beaches, historical buildings, unspoiled natural beauty and sexy women await to welcome you to Somalia, the white pearl of the Indian Ocean. Meet beautiful and sexy Somali escorts today on Exotic Africa.

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Escorts from Somalia

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Somalia’s reputation as a tourist destination with pristine beaches completely disintegrated following the start of the civil war in 1991.

Over the years the militia took hostage the city and completely sealed it off from the outside world. Tourists are just now starting to come back as the nation recovers from decades of civil war. Since 2011, a new central government has led the country, and a semblance of normal life is evident in the opening of new businesses, hospitals and schools.

Today, you can go on a tour of Mogadishu City and enjoy sights and sounds including beaches, markets, war footprints, Historic building and New Mogadishu, City view.

The country’s natural beauty, its good weather, white sands, its mountains, and rivers combine to give Somalia an irresistible allure which is sure to continue to attract more tourists as the country slowly rise up again.

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