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    Referred locally as “Tana,” Antananarivo is all about eating, shopping, history and day trips. Since splitting off from the rest of the world millions of years ago, it has evolved its own array of species that you’ll find nowhere else on Earth. Meet beautiful escorts in Antananarivo today for an unforgettable adventure on Exotic Africa.

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    Escorts from Antananarivo

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    Referred locally as “Tana,” Antananarivo is all about eating, shopping, history and day trips.

    Antananarivo is the capital of Madagascar, located in Antananarivo Province. It is situated in the centre of the island length-wise, and 90 miles away from the eastern coast. The city occupies a commanding position, being built on a series of hills.

    Tana has been the home of Malagasy power for three centuries and there’s a huge amount of history and culture to discover, as well as some unexpected wildlife options.

    Antananarivo was founded about 1625 by King Andrianjaka and takes its name (the City of the Thousand) from the number of soldiers Andrianjaka assigned to guarding it. Until 1869 all buildings within the city proper were of wood or rushes, but even then it possessed several timber palaces of considerable size. The city was captured by the French in 1895 and incorporated into their Madagascar protectorate.

    French and Malagasy are spoken and in hotels some English is spoken. It is useful to have some basic French. A few words of Malagasy such as ‘manao ahoana’ (hello), ‘goodbye’ (misowtra), ‘thank you’ (misowtra beh), ‘please’ (azafad) will also go a long way.

    Nightlife in Antananarivo

    Tana’s most exclusive (and expensive) bar turns from bar-lounge during the day to nightclub–DJ platform as the night draws in; there are regular parties and events.

    Madagascar underground is a cool traveller hang-out to pass the night. Keep an eye out for live music many nights at 7pm when local musicians take to the small stage. An intimate, fun venue and a good place to meet other travellers.

    Formerly known as the Albert Camus Cultural Center, the French Institute is the place to go for a cultural night out in Antananarivo. Its auditorium hosts dance recitals, plays, concerts and other live performances; while the cinema shows an eclectic variety of films ranging from documentaries to live opera screenings.

    Ultimately the best way to experience Antananarivo is by hooking up with an escort on Exotic Africa who will make the perfect travel companion and willing to offer you special treats to make you feel at home.

    Sights N Sounds in Tana

    The Rova of Antananarivo is one of the symbols of the Imerina Kingdom. Inside the royal enclosure there is a church and various palaces, including the Queen’s palace. After burning down in 1995, the Rova was rebuilt and still remains as a place worth visiting to enjoy the breathtaking view of the town below.

    Built in 1872 by the English architect William Pool, the Prime Minister’s Palace is home to a permanent exhibition of royal attributes and personal effects from the Queen’s Palace in the Rova of Antananarivo.

    Located 15 miles northeast of the city itself, Ambohimanga is a hill and traditional fortified settlement that served as the spiritual seat of the Merina royal family from the 15th century onwards. The walled village includes wonderfully preserved royal residences and graves, and is considered a sacred site.

    Antananarivo’s main market is a shadow of the former zoma (market), for which the capital was legendary, but you’d only realise this if you came back in its glory days. It’s still a packed, teeming place, selling clothes, household items, dodgy DVDs and every food product you could imagine. To be safe don’t bring any valuables with you.

    How to get to Antananarivo

    Ivato International Airport (TNR) and as such is the first port of call for most overseas visitors. Its central location makes it the ideal base for visiting the rest of the island’s attractions – but it’s also well worth exploring in its own right.

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