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    Moroni is the capital of the Union of the Comoros and the island of Ngazidja. Come meet with beautiful and sexually appealing escorts in Moroni on Exotic Africa.

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    Escorts from Moroni

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    Moroni is a coastal town that serves as the capital of Comoros, an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. Moroni is also the capital of Grande Comore (also known as Ngazidja), the largest of three islands that make up the republic.

    The city covers an area of 30 square kilometers (about 12 square miles) and is located at the base of Mount Karthala, one of the largest active volcanoes in the world.

    The city of Moroni was founded in the 10th century as a capital of a sultanate connected commercially to the Swahili City States along the east coast of Africa in what now constitutes the nations of Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique.

    Comoros became an independent nation on July 6, 1975 and Moroni became the capital.

    Sights N Sounds of Moroni

    Did you know Monori’s language and culture are similar to the Swahili coastal cities.

    Places of interest and landmarks in Moroni include the Town Center which contains buildings dating back to the first Arab settlements and the handiworks and souvenirs of Volo Volo Market. The Karthala volcano, although active, remains a place for hiking and the Coelacanth Marine Park is located on the southern coast of the island.

    The city’s architecture is influenced by the long dominant Arabic culture and it has numerous mosques including Chiounda, a pilgrimage center.

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    Where to stay in Moroni

    The Retaj hotel is only a short distance from the centre of Moroni. It is one of the few hotels in the country likely to host foreign heads of state or dignitaries. Moreover, the establishment is mainly dedicated to satisfying the business and international organization clientele that still constitutes the bulk of tourism in the Comoros.

    How to get to Moroni

    Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport is an international airport serving Moroni in Comoros.

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