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Escorts From Abuja

    Escorts from Abuja

    TWO INTERESTING SIDES OF ME PLEASE READ THE FIRST AND SECOND BELOW: 1.) Deep inside I am a non judgmental sensualist, lover of ancient indigenous civilizations, artist, deep thinker and advocate for human rights and justice. I have broken bread with high profile politicians in Nigeria, eaten raw/live vegetarian food for a year exclusively, been foretold my destiny by shamans, owned businesses and made love to some amazing women all along the way. An attractive black male escort, masculine, discreet, educated, well cultured and always the respectful gentleman. Although suave and debonair in style and fashion my occasional blunder reminds me to be humble and real. I love making a friend feel EXCEPTIONAL, sexy and BEAUTIFUL. To see her smile or laugh at something I have whispered. I am a fervent lover for human rights and justice having worked in community organisations promoting unity and self determination since my adult life began. It makes one sensitive and appreciative of the beauty in each of us. A well groomed CHEF in local dishes and a bit of continentals. I love preparing a succulent tasting dining experience for the special friend. And if you have the appetite perhaps afterwards we will partake in dessert. CONVERSANT on myraid or intriguing topics such as: culture, history, politics, current events, spirituality and many others. MY INTERESTS ARE: Art, ancient and indigenous civilizations, human rights and justice, martial arts, gymnastics, and of-course XTREME SEX. Music: Classic Soul, World-beat, Reggae, Jazz, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, R&B, Blues.. 2.) WARNING?: PLEASE! THINK CAREFULLY BEFORE CONTACTING ME- I forgot to mention that if I ever catch you behind closed doors it would be the last time u surf d web in search of escorts if you remain in Lagos because, I'll keep fucking nightmares/wet dreams & masturbation out of your life from the second I walk in to your room till the second I leave even if its for a week, so if its a day or two then u r totally SCREWED???, hopefully not beyond repair. Lets call that (SEXUAL DELIVERANCE?‍♀). What ever you desire Sexually I can offer, as the best CUNNINGLINGUS performer in Lagos (I COULD EAT YOUR CUM WITH POTATO CHIPS EITHER FROM A DISH OR FROM YOUR DRIPPING WET CUNT!!! Again I warn you, pls dont call me else you will get FUCKED real STRONG and if you decide to call me still! then give me an advance pre-notice so I can get my banana from the chiller where its been busy getting ripe just for YOU... NOTE: ABOUT MY GENITALS I WOULDN'T POST THAT HERE COS I WOULDN'T WANT THE LEGENDARY god OF THUNDER (THOR) TO KNOW I AM THE THIEVE WHO STOLE HIS HAMMER AND HID IT IN BETWEEN MY LEGS. IF YOU COULD TAKE YOUR TIME IN READING THROUGH MY PROFILE THEN YOU DESERVE THE BEST AND I OWE IT TO U, KISSES??????

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    Abuja escortsAbuja is Nigeria’s capital city. Abuja’s population is highly diverse, with escorts originating from Afio, Bassa, Koro, Hausa, and Gwari communities. Moreover, Abuja escorts can speak in English, although other languages are spoken, including Yoruba, Fulani, and Ibo.

    Fascinating facts about Abuja Ladies

    Abuja ladies have curvy and voluptuous bodies that can awaken many erotic feelings in your body. In most cases, many men tend to have wild sexual fantasies. However, they do not find the right people to engage with and help fulfill their desires. Abuja escorts will meet all your sexual fantasies, whether it is threesomes, BDSM, or fetishes.

    Moreover, the tantric massage has taken Abuja by storm. This is an erotic massage that allows sexual energy to flow all over your body. An Abuja escort will touch intimate areas of your body and evoke a release of all sexual tensions. Additionally, these beauties love to dance. The Etighi dance is famous all over Abuja. The call girls will seductively move their waists for you as you receive erotic lap dances to set a hot, steamy mood before getting intimate. Likewise, the girls have excellent culinary skills. Once invited to your home, they will cook for you pounded yams, afang soup, and efo riro as you enjoyNollywood films.

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