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    Tanga is a port city on Tanzania’s north coast. Historically, the port of Tanga is the oldest operating harbour in Tanzania and its roots date back to around the 6th century. Back then, the town’s slogan was Tanga ni Raha (Tanga is fun) and the town teemed with people from all over Tanzania, Mombasa and beyond out to have fun.  Find fun and sexy escorts in Tanga on Exotic Africa.

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    Tanga is one of Tanzania’s most organised cities and boasts a rich history that dates back t0 the 6th century. Geographically, Tanga is breathtakingly beautiful as it tapers towards the Indian ocean. However, life here is slow and the town has suffered a steady decline over the years. Tanga was once a thriving port city and the first town to have a police station and a post office in Tanzania.

    Today, the city is actually little more than a sleepy town with aged buildings; life there is characterised by a palpable slowness and apathy. What is now left of the once vibrant city are rundown and forlorn factories, ravaged by the effects of the changing seasons and degraded by human activities over decades.

    The town centre is prim and well planned — streets are well aligned with flower hedges and huge old jacaranda, neem and fig trees along some streets. The central business district is nothing to write home about, with streets lined with modest shops, a couple of bars, a bus stop and a number of daladalas, minibuses, ambling along the streets. The town’s periphery is dotted with quaint restaurants, hotels and historical sites; and the ocean offers great dhow sailing and a rich coral reef for diving enthusiasts.

    How to get to Tanga

    The city, located on the highway between Mombasa and Dar es Salaam, is well served by bus services from both Kenya and the northern Tanzania regions of Usambara, Moshi and Arusha. By bus from the southern Kenyan border post of Lungalunga/Horohoro, it is a beautiful drive on a new highway through the quiet Mkinga district, with the rising Usambara mountains in the west as you approach Tanga. A defunct railway link also still exists between Moshi and Tanga. A small airport in the city is served by only two small local air operators.

    Why Visit Tanga

    Tanga has what it takes to be East Africa’s tourism hub and the city has a lot to offer. The Amboni Caves, proximity to the Saadani National Park, the Amani National Reserve, hikes on the Usambara Mountains, Totem Island, Yambe Island, nature trails, culture, safety and a polite and friendly people offer a unique experience for tourists.

    Wabinti wa tanga wanabamba

    Mabinti wa kitanga ni welendi na wepesi kwa mambo ya mapenzi. Mabinti hawa wanajua kujipamba na wanabamba sana. Karibu Tanga upate mahaba motomoto na basi angalau upate raha mwenzanagu. Wauza uchi hawa watakupa kuma tamu mithili ya asali na vyote tu utakavyotaka. Tanga ni raha, njoo Tanga uburudike na mabinti maridadi.

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