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Escorts From Lilongwe

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Beautiful, sexy, authentic, warm, charming and yeah fricking fun are just some of the nouns you can use to describe Malawi’s women and the list is endless. Meet professional and fun-loving escorts in Lilongwe today on Exotic Africa. 

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Escorts from Lilongwe

The Malawian people are, without doubt, its greatest asset: friendly and welcoming to a fault. The women are even better and will have you feeling at home in no time. Beautiful, sexy, authentic, warm, charming and yeah fricking fun are just some of the nouns you can use to describe them and the list is endless.

Lilongwe has a growing music scene and is the best place in the country to sample Malawi nightlife. Chez Ntemba NightClub summarizes the vibe you will get to experience once you step out. Located in Lilongwe, it is the hottest club in Lilongwe. Revelers are young and cosmopolitan, It is not crowded and plays a healthy mix of local and international music.

As for your accommodation here you don’t even need to worry. There are a number of first-class hotels in Lilongwe such as the large and commercially centred Crossroads and the long established and still going very strong Sunbird properties – Sunbird Capital in the Capital City and Sunbird Lilongwe in Old Town. A relatively new addition to Lilongwe’s skyline is the 11-floor 5-star President Walmont Hotel, part of Umodzi Park and complete with all modern facilities, including a gym and spa.

Laugh, Live, Love Lilongwe

Lilongwe owes its status to Dr Hastings Banda, the country’s first President, who was born just north of the town. In 1975, the city was made the capital of Malawi. There are two faces of Malawi; the old city and the new city. The Old Town is distinct and separate from the new Capital City. While the former has all the appearance of a traditional African settlement, the City has much in common with other twentieth century urban developments around the world.

Gleaming modern buildings, modern shops, bazaars and busy streets is what characterizes the new city. That said both of these different parts of the town are worth touring. Old Town Mall is the best, particularly for those looking for quality souvenirs. As well as African Habitat, with its locally crafted ornaments and furnishings.

Things to do in Lilongwe

Whilst Lake Malawi dominates the country, this is not a country of a singular experience. It is the mixture of beautiful Landscapes, fascinating Wildlife, the alluring Lake Malawi, and rich Culture that combine to make this small country such a wonderful place to visit.

Lilongwe is also packed with beautiful sights to woo you and win you over. The Lilongwe Nature Sanctuary lies between the Old and New towns, a remarkable area where nature still rules, in the heart of an African capital city. Within the Sanctuary is the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, Malawi’s only sanctuary for rescued, orphaned and injured wild animals.

It is also the world’s first accredited “People & Wildlife” PAW centre, working with the local people with the key objective of promoting nature conservation that will benefit both the people and wildlife of Malawi.

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