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Zambia is surrounded by seven countries namely Democratic Republic of Congo, Malawi, Angola, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia and Tanzania. The country has the largest man-made lake in the world called Lake Kariba.

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Escorts from Zambia

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Zambia has more than 72 ethnic tribes, allowing you to have quality and exploratory xxx encounters. However, escorts from the region come from the major tribes ,which include Lozi, Bemba,  Ngoni, Tonga, the Luvale, and Kaonde community. You can also find call girls from the other smaller ethnic groups.
Why Zambia’s Culture Affects Women’s Romantic Relationships
Having kugonana/sex in Zambia is not very easy, especially for the women. This is despite the country having many mkazi wakongola/ beautiful women.  The Zambian society follows a patrilocal marriage system whereby a girl’s husband moves in with the bride’s parents, a tradition referred to as Ukamwini.

This means the lady has to stay with only one man her entire life. This has denied beautiful Zambian girls a say over their romantic relationships. The Zambian ladies have opted to join escort agencies on their own. The best place for you to locate Zambian call girls who would like to break away from the traditional customs is escort agencies or online dating sites.
Things you need to know about Zambian Women
Within the Zambia community, sex is an essential element of the cultural fabric. The women are taken through sexual education at home from early childhood as early as eight years which continues throughout their life.

The women undergo a ritual referred to as Imbusa, whereby they learn the traditional Infukutu dance. The Infukutu (sexual dance) is  sacred. Infukutu is an erotic dance that ensures the men and women attain psychological and physical enjoyment and satisfaction during sex. 

Infukutu makes the Zambian escorts exotic sexual and sensual enthusiasts who will use different sexual positions in bed. Zambian call girls believe that the primary goal of human sexuality is giving pleasure. At Exotic Africa, you have a chance to meet a hot and saucy escort who will move her waist to offer you erotic lap dances. She can also change kugonana positions for maximum sexual pleasure. You can also get other services such as erotic massages, deep throat blowjobs, handjobs and hot kisses.

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