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    Gaborone EscortsGaborone, or Gabs for the regulars, is the capital city of Botswana. As the country’s largest city, it has attractions that justify a quick visit. The city is characterized by its American-style sprawl. Meet hot escorts yearning to get down to action in Gaborone Gaborone escorts on Exotic Africa.

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    Gaborone, or Gabs for the regulars, is a booming capital city of Botswana. Only 400 km from Pretoria, South Africa, Gaborone is strategically located near an important water reserve, the Ngotwane River. For a country that is 80% semi-desert, access to water is invaluable.

    Gaborone city also straddles the country’s only railway line, the one built by Rhodes to link the Cape Province to Rhodesia.

    Gaborone traces its history to Kgosi Gaborone, a prominent chief of the Batlokwa tribe. He came down from the Magaliesberg Mountains in the 1880s to find the village of Moshaweng. With the arrival of the first European settlers, the town was nicknamed Gaborone, short for Gaborone’s Village. At that time, it was only a small administrative center.

    In 1892, Bechuanaland became a British protectorate. Two years later, Mafikeng in South Africa was chosen as its capital. This was the first time that a capital was located outside the country it governed. It was not until Botswana declared independence in 1965 that the capital was moved. Gaborone was chosen among eight other candidate cities, mainly because of its exceptional location.

    Today, Gaborone is a booming city and one-tenth of the population of Botswana resides here and the city is still growing. As the country’s largest city, it has attractions that justify a quick visit. For readers of McCall Smith’s novels, of which Gaborone is the backdrop, a visit to the city is a must!

    Sights N Sounds of Gaborone

    The city is characterized by its American-style sprawl. You have to take the car to go through its main streets along which malls, residential areas, and a few buildings follow one another. Contrary to many African cities, the pavements are almost empty.

    The locals go to the malls for entertainment, so you can take a walk to soak up the atmosphere of the city. Some bars and cafes can also provide a taste of Botswana’s sociability, with a cheerful hubbub for background music.

    Located in the central district of Gaborone, the Three Dikgosi Monument is one of the city’s major attractions. Opened in 2005, it consists of three bronze statues, 3 meters high, representing Khama III, Sebele I, and Bathoen.

    Gaborone Game Reserve is a small reserve of 550 hectares that was created in 1988 by the Department of Nature (Department of Wildlife). If you want to escape the bustle and hustle of the city and go for a quiet picnic in a place designed for that purpose then Gaborone Game Reserve is perfect.

    Although a very small size, the reserve houses a fairly wide variety of birds and mammals, including elves, zebras, oryxes, impalas, kudus, bubales, blue gus, springboks, Cap cephalopods, harnessed handlers, and jackets. cabbage, grivets, baboons and phacochers.

    Sanitas is a true haven of peace for the expats. With a large shady, green terrace, the Tea Garden, this restaurant is ideal for a peaceful lunch or to relax in the afternoon with your book and coffee.

    Gaborone, a city of modernity and tradition, of dynamism and nonchalance, with friendly and laughing passers-by is open to foreigners.

    Where to stay in Gaborone

    The Avani chain, present throughout southern Africa, has only one hotel in Botswana, in the capital, which welcomes businessmen, tourists, and residents of the country. As in all Avani, the 196 rooms, spread over two floors, are very comfortable, even luxurious, and adequately equipped (air conditioning, color TV, radio, and telephone).

    How to get to Gaborone

    Sir Seretse Khama International Airport(FBSK) is located about 10 km north of the city of Gaborone, one one-hour flight from Johannesburg and a two-hour flight from Harare. This airport was opened in 1984 and offers a large capacity to handle regional and international traffic and has the largest passenger movement in the country.

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