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    Sierra Leone’s capital is a cheeky, quicksilver city bubbling with energy, colour and charm. In Freetown, you can see the sea from almost any point in the city and you are never far away from the beach!. Hook up with hot escorts in Freetown on Exotic Africa.

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    Strung between the mountains and the sea, Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital is a cheeky, quicksilver city bubbling with energy, colour and charm.

    Freetown’s most famous landmark is the fat Cotton Tree, which looms large over the buildings of central Freetown. Rumoured to be hundreds of years old, it is said to have played a key role in the city’s history, when poor black settlers rested in its shadows after landing in Freetown in 1787.

    In 1787 the British helped four hundred freed slaves from the United States, Nova Scotia, and Great Britain returned to Sierra Leone to settle in what they called the ” Province of Freedom.” The area was first settled by freed slaves sent from England around the Cotton Tree which was said to have previously been a slave market.

    Today, Freetown is a buzzing capital and is lively by day or by night. In the main city centre and further towards the east is mainly the commercial area although more businesses today are moving towards the west to avoid overcrowding. On a busy day, Freetown echoes with the sound of hooting cars, local traders and passers-by. The west of Freetown is mainly residential and further west (South-West) you will find some of the country’s most beautiful beaches.
    The markets in Freetown are colourful and can be noisy as every trader tries to capture your attention, but just like Freetown and Sierra Leone, there’s a certain charm to it
    Why Visit FreeTown

    The landscape in Freetown is very hilly and I’ve heard it described as looking similar to other great landscapes for example the San Francisco Bay Area. In Freetown, you can see the sea from almost any point in the city and you are never far away from the beach!

    Music is part of the fabric of everyday life and you’ll hear it everywhere – be it pop music belting out of bars and clubs, warm reggae in taxis or poda podas, or local hip hop across the radio waves at street side stalls and markets. Try any nightclub and you’ll be whisked away by dramatic lyrics and profusion of sounds and beats inducing you to dance the night away. Those looking for live music should sample reggae night on Thursday at Aces nightclub, where the Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars play when in country, or China House on a Friday.

    New York is not the only city that does not sleep! Sierra Leoneans love to have a good time and in Freetown you’re never far away from an entertainment spot.

    The restaurant scene in Freetown offers a wide variety of international cuisine including Lebanese, European, Korean, Japanese and Chinese. African restaurants, including Senegalese and Ghanaian, also offer a taste of the continent but for a real taste of Salone, local is the way to go. Rice is the local staple accompanied by plassas (sauce) such as cassava leaf, groundnut soup, binch or stew with chicken, beef and/or fish and served in generous portions.

    Street food including sizzling goat or beef skewers, fried plantain, roast cassava tuber and coconut cakes also make for a sumptuous meal.

    Sights N Sounds in FreeTown

    You can visit sites such as the St. Georges Cathedral (completed in 1828), Railway Museum, National Museum, Maroon Church (built around 1820), Martello Tower and Fort Thornton (where the Presidential State House now stands).

    Freetown Law Courts, the Slave Gate and Portuguese Steps, St John’s, Sierra Leone Museum, Foulah Town Mosque (built in the 1830s) ,Sierra Leone Museum (featuring the Ruiter Stone and original drum of Bai Bureh), Victoria Park, creole and colonial architecture, the lively markets and fantastic beaches are also a must visit.

    How to Get to FreeTown

    Freetown International Airport, locally known as Lungi International Airport, is an international airport located in the coastal town of Lungi, Sierra Leone. It is the only international airport in Sierra Leone.

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