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How To Book An Escort In Africa

With the advent of the web, booking an escort is becoming simpler than ever before. You will discover every kind of escort online, offering any type of fetish you want, with the most appealing sexual features.

Nevertheless, the most difficult task normally is how to identify a true escort and the best one for that matter. Aspects such as escort lingo, service duration, service type, payment mode, sexual orientation, and location are crucial when on a hunting spree.

Discover A Respected and Premier Escort Listing Website

Exotic Africa has numerous escort adverts which guarantee you a wide range of escort choice. These escort adverts are posted on a month-to-month basis.

 Seek An Impartial Escort Or An Escort Company

Escort directories guarantee a sure degree of consistency from escorts. For instance, an escort company scouts and verifies escorts for you. This means that you get what you desire. Getting a hot and verified means you will pay an extra fee for the premium escort services.

Minimize Your Search For The Kind Escort That You Really Want

This consists of escort descriptions ranging from class, age, skin complexion, body size, etc. You will find premium escorts, VIP escorts, escorts on tour,  mature, young, ebony, brunette, blond, busty, curvy, slim, etc.

Determine A Price Range

You get what you pay for. If you click on an escort profile that impresses you, look at the charges. If the service fee is out of your range, you can simply check out other profiles. If you find an affordable escort, ensure that there are no hidden charges. Clarify everything before you engage the services of an escort.

Be Certain The Profile You Are Viewing Is A True Representation of The Escort

Fake profiles are described as those photos which do not really belong to the person on the profile. Phoney are misleading and are used to conjure your perception of the person you are about to meet. Escorts who seek privacy only blur their faces but you are still able to make out their true bodily appearances. 

There are several ways through which you can ascertain the genuineness of a profile photo. One of these ways is through escort reviews, which help a great deal to know which profile is genuine and which one is not. You can also apply the use of a device or app that ascertains the genuineness of a photograph. You will be able to determine whether the footage was stolen from a certain source or not.

Another way of ascertaining whether an escort’s profile is genuine is through requesting for a video call. Avoid disappointment by all means.

Focus On Your Escort Service Desires

After settling on a particular escort, be emphatic about what you want the escort service to achieve for you. Use proper escort services jargon to avoid ambiguity and eventual disappointment.

Be polite and cordial. Avoid vulgar and harsh language that might scare away your escort. Insist on honesty and transparency. You can involve the escort directory admin, to ensure that the escort on the profile is the one that will show up.

Take Precautionary Measures When Visiting An Escort 

Upon arrival, scan the environment for any danger signals. If you spot suspicious activities or people at the place you are visiting for escort services, you can retreat quickly without raising an alarm. If by bad chance, you cause the suspicious people to notice that you are aware, pull out your phone and call for help, as you take to your heels.

Don’t Flash Your Money, Wallet Or Other Valuables

If applicable, make sure your transactions are electronic. Only recharge your phone with enough money to cover your escort services. Hide hard cash or any purse with money. If mobile money is not an option at that moment, carry the exact amount charged for the services.

Leave behind Jewelry stuff like watches, gold bracelets or necklaces.

Token of Appreciation

You can place your token of appreciation on the table or on any appropriate surface. This is a kind gesture of appreciating the escort’s companionship. This is not money in exchange for sex, that is illegal in many countries.

When Requested To Freshen Up

You must determine the reason for being requested to freshen up. If you agree, go into the bathroom with all your belongings, to avoid being tricked and being robbed. Make sure you lock the bathroom door from inside, so that the picture of naked you is not taken for extortion purposes.

After The Encounter

Leave immediately to allow your escort time to meet other people. Be discreet and swift when leaving.

Other Tips

  • For incall location, deliver only the agreed escort service fee.
  • Use the name of the escort as it appears on the escort directory
  • Don’t use ownership titles like “My love, my baby…”
  • While in the room, don’t doze off, stay woke and scan the environment for potential dangers.
  • In the unfortunate case that you are robbed, stay calm.


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