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Penis size: Does it really matter?

Facts and misconceptions about the penis size

The penis size is one of the greatest physical Penis size factsinsecurities affecting a majority of men. According to a study carried by Lever, Frederick, and Palau in 2006, only 0.2% of the men would wish to have smaller penises! These statistics are very shocking as they are a perfect indication that indeed, to most men, they worry whether their one-eyed monster measures up.

The shoe size misconception

For many years, people thought that people with big shoe sizes had bigger phalluses. However, this connection. Folk mythology dictates that indeed, the penis size is determined by the size of the shoe. However, following increased technological advancement, science has tried to find this connection.

The first research to try and link the shoe size and penis size was carried out in 1993 in Canada. The researchers used a sample of 63 men. From the results, it was evident that there was a very small correlation between the two variables. In another study carried out in 2004 in Britain involving 104 men, it found similar results. Likewise, a 1999 study involving 655 Korean men found out that the size of an individual’s extremities did not predict the penis size. The data from this research suggested that by looking at an individual’s external body part, you cannot tell how large the phallus is. From these results, it is evident that trying to link the shoe size to the penis size is futile. Scientifically, there is no relationship between the two variables. Nonetheless, in popular culture, this myth continues to pervade.

Penis sizes across Africa

Penis sizes across Africa vary in sizes. According to Target Map, countries with green have the smallest sizes, light green the second smallest, yellow in the middle, orange the second largest and red have the largest. The countries that lead with the largest penis sizes averaging 16 centimeters include Congo, Gabon and Ghana.

Penis sizes in Africa

Women and penis size?

The size of the penis varies differently from one woman to the other. To a majority of the women, the penis size is not the only important thing. Surprisingly, men think that the longer the penis the more attraction it brings to a woman.

However, women have stated that a long penis is very uncomfortable for them. Despite the myth “the bigger the bat the more the home runs”, a study carried out in Kenya in 2014 tends to refute this. There are other factors that matter and this can also include the swinging skills among others. The study found out that women married to men with bigger phalluses tend to cheat more unlike those married to men with average penises. The main reason for this was that a bigger penis is linked to painful sex.

Nonetheless, despite increased research on penis size, the men still view this topic as being very sensitive. As for the women, they have not yet been able to determine why men take up an issue with their penis sizes. Nevertheless, most women end up using derogatory remarks on men’s peckers which might affect their self-esteem.

Sex Tourism in Kenya

Sex Tourism: A Never-Ending Menace at Kenya’s Coastal Region

Kenya attracts millions of tourists annually as it offers everything from white sandy beaches to big game safaris. A substantial number of tourists come from Britain, Italy, the USA, France, Germany, and China. Tourism accounts for 10% of Kenya’s GDP and provides employment to hundreds of thousands. However, tourism has its dark side as it has promoted sex tourism. The major coastal towns affected by sex tourism include Malindi, Kilifi, Diani, and Mombasa.

Sex tourist

Causes of Sex Tourism

Sex tourism continues to spread across most developing nations, including  Brazil,  the Dominican Republic, Thailand and Kenya has now joined the bandwagon. Poverty pushes young men and women into commercial sex exploitation hence increasing sex tourism.  Kwale county’s minimum wage is less than $1.50, and this lays down a foundation for sexual exploitation. Malindi is another coastal town marred by the dark ghost of sex tourism. In 2011, the World Bank poverty index report showed that out of the 1.1 million people in the region, more than 70% live on less than $1 a day.

In most of the coastal towns, commercial sex work is seen as being acceptable, including that of children. Parents and relatives applaud children who date white tourists, as that is the easiest way out of poverty. Most families encourage their children to look for tourists who will take them out of poverty.

Prevalence of Child Prostitution

A 2006 report by UNICEF showed that one in every three girls aged 12-18 in the coastal region works as a commercial sex worker. Despite these figures dating back more than ten years, little has been done. The major drivers of the illegal trade include increased corruption within the county government, and weak law enforcement frameworks.

The Pope Francis Rescue Centre, located in Watamu, aims at challenging parents who pimp off their children to rethink their actions. In Watamu, young girls engage in teenage sex and this opens for them a platform to own huge mansions purchased by the old white tourists. The luxurious lifestyle offered by the tourists  has made most young men and women to seek old white men and women.

Role of Leaders in Promoting Sex Tourism

Some of the coastal leaders even support the social acceptance of commercial sex work. The leaders view this sexual exploitation as being of substantial economic benefit to the region. Emma Mbura, the Mombasa senator, was once quoted requesting Mijikenda women to move around topless  to attract tourists. Such sentiments by leaders will, in turn, give the coastal region residents reason to continue engaging in sex tourism.

A significant number of organizations have raised concerns over the sexual exploitation of young children and women in the coastal region. Nonetheless, the government and local leaders have not set any measures in place to curb the illicit trade. This is an indication that the government regards sex tourism as a significant boost for tourism numbers. The government would instead let the trade go on for the mere attraction of the tourist dollars.

Street Sex Workers vs. Escorts

Street Sex Workers vs. Escorts Who are the Best?

Many people find it hard to point out the difference between street sex workers and escorts. Nonetheless, escorts do not share a similar platform as street hookers.  Escorts include gentlemen and ladies who operate professionally, are well-groomed, well-educated, can offer companionship and observe high hygiene standards

Prostitution is referred to as one of the oldest professions. The trade occurs in different forms, and its legality might vary from one nation to the other. Over the years, prostitution has continued to evolve from merely finding skimpily dressed women on street corners to the emergence of brothels and escort services and agencies. As for the escorts, the females or men may go to the client’s hotel room or home (out-bound), or the client can move into the escort’s residence (in-call).

The current known prostitute numbers across the globe have surpassed 40 million. Nevertheless, the data lacks conclusiveness in most regions such as Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia. In the 21st century, prostitution occurs in a more organized manner supported by escort agencies.  

Street Sex Workers Characteristics

A significant number of cheap hookers have poor hygiene, and they also suffer from various venereal disease infections. In most African nations, street prostitutes operate in nightclubs, street corners and even market places whereby they charge as low as $1 for a “quickie”. Street prostitutes who operate in poverty-ridden towns and centers engage in sexual intercourse with drunkards in some of the nightclubs, and this can see them not using any form of protection. 

Street prostitutes

street sex workers

Professionalism among Escorts

However, on the other hand, escorts observe professionalism. If you need an escort, you will have to hire them via escort agencies. Before an escort agency hires escorts, it must ensure that they meet specific standards for the agencies to serve high profile clients. You must book an escort in advance depending on the agreed price. The high class and professional standards the escort must meet shows they are of high hygiene. Escorts will not engage in cheap sex as compared to street sex workers.

Moreover, escorts have  higher educational standards indicating that they have an awareness of the implications of having sexual intercourse without protection. This makes them make informed choices before engaging in sex with clients by outlining to the customers the importance of using protection.

Escort Agencies are Legal

Furthermore, unlike street sex workers, escort service is legal in many countries, not only in Africa but across the globe. There are many registered escort agencies which pay taxes to the government. Street hookers conduct illegal business which can see you getting arrested and even facing jail time if caught engaging in sex in the car, dark alleys or street corners.

Additionally, when you move around with an escort, people cannot determine whether it is your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or an escort. The escorts put on elegant attires that match high-end social classes. On the other hand, sex workers must dress skimpily to attract clients, and one can quickly point them out.

Despite most people terming escort services as being prostitution, it is not the case. Escorts form part of the larger entertainment industry. They have a chance to earn massive amounts of money and work for agencies. Street hookers do not match the escorts as their leading trade is offering sex in exchange for the money. Street sex workers have a higher probability of contracting STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, you can only conclude that escorts are far way better than street sex workers.


Why Exotic Africa escorts?

Why you should book Exotic Africa escorts

The company of a beautiful woman is what makes a man’s life complete and purposeful. Yet some men never get the courage to ask out a woman of their dreams. Exotic Africa is here to ensure that you hang out with any woman of your choice.

Here at Exotic Africa, we promise you:

gay escorts

1. Variety. Whether you are a man looking for beautiful women who can twist and turn for you or a woman who just wants a man that can satisfy her well in bed- we got a variety of hot girls and rent boys to choose from. We understand that different people have different tastes and preferences – one man likes oral sex, another gay sex, lesbians, threesomes, anal sex, and yet another just the company of a beautiful woman. Whatever your preference is, you cannot miss a match on our Exotic escorts website. Maybe you just want to see nude girl pics or experience the kinky moves of a pornstar.

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4. Dedicated service. Exotic escorts are committed to giving you the best service a man can ever get from an ebony girl. If you are a woman, the most endowed African men are found on our escort directory. They always switch off their phones when meeting clients, because you are their priority. If you are facing any issue, get in touch with our support team and we shall handle your requests promptly.

5. We don’t operate like a brothel. Exotic Africa escorts work independently and only earn the money you pay them for their time. This gives you access to quality service and as many hours as you desire. If you want to book a girl for a few days or overnight service, you can always do so and enjoy the best sex dating and girlfriend experience you desire. Other clients leave reviews of the girls they have met before, so you can browse through the escort reviews, see more profile and view their photos before making the final decision.

6. Exotic Africa gives you the opportunity to spend one on one time with radiant women. Whether you are looking for African women or exotic escorts on tour in Africa, you can always get the best deal on Exotic Africa. We know porn videos and nude online pics of girls are fascinating but they have a limit; they leave you high and dry. At Exotic, you can view photos of cute girls, chat with escorts on Whatsapp the Exotic website chat or call them. Once you spot a girl, you can organize a face to face meeting for companionship, massage and extras. You can have these dates in a bar, restaurant or behind a closed door in or out of town; the choice is yours.

7. Exotic escorts are skilled. When was the last time someone whispered dirty things in your ear as they licked your nether parts, with a tender hand softly caressing your neck? Our escorts have taken time to learn what makes a man or woman tick and that is what they will serve you.

authentic escorts

8. We have verified escorts. Maybe you have been asking, “Is Exotic Africa authentic?” “Are Exotic Africa escorts real?” “Where can I get real photos of nude girls?” Well, all escorts who have the ‘verified’ tag on their profile look exactly that way in real life. Furthermore, you can read an escorts profile on the Exotic website and get to learn more about their education level, languages spoken, height, body type, skin colour, nationality, hobbies and interests. We can also help you get girls with specific skills, nationality or hobbies that are not listed on the website.

Nothing lights up a man’s life than the presence of radiant beauty. Exotic escorts are educated and well cultured, ready to meet all your bedroom and companionship needs. Do not just get a hooker for sex tonight; enjoy the company of excellent beauties from across Africa, and experience sex dating with ebony girls that have a sex drive to die for. Whether you like bbw Nigerian and Ghanaian women, petite Ethiopian and Egyptians, we have all of them on Exotic Africa.

Prostitution in South Africa: Important info for ESA clients

Sex work in Cape Town, Durban, Germiston, Johannesburg, Kempton Park and Pretoria

Prostitution thrives in the main towns of South Africa, and the story is not very different for Cape Town Escorts, Durban escorts, Germiston escorts, Johannesburg escorts, Kempton Park or Pretoria. They can be standing on the sidewalks waiting for clients to arrive, or sitting in a Brothel serving a long queue of extremely horny men. If they have embraced technology, you will find their profiles on escort websites waiting for potential clients to phone them. These high-class sex workers do not need to meet a client every day: one is enough for the week and they can focus on other businesses during the rest of the week. They are probably working women who are only available on evenings, weekend or holidays – and this is why they require you to make prior arrangements on the website, over a phone call or Whatsapp.

What services do I get from South African sex workers?

fetishIt is estimated that South Africa prostitution has attracted over 150,000 sex workers. These are both men and women. Some of the names by which prostitutes go with include rent boys, escorts, hookers, call girls and sex workers. These sex workers offer a wide range of services including kissing, hugging, girlfriend experience, short session, hand job, blow job, anal sex and oral sex.

However, with advancement in technology, a new breed of workers has joined the profession. Online escorts advertise their services and profiles on the internet. This can be on an escort directory such as esa.co.za, exoticafrica.com or any other esa escorts listing. They also advertise on WhatsApp, Badoo, Tinder, or Telegram.

Why book an escort online?

Escort websites are the best place to hire an escort. This is because you can be able to get more details about an escort before booking her or his services. For instance, once you open an escort profile on Exotic SA, you will be able to see the escort photos, list of escort services offered, location, race, price, languages spoken, education level, height and weight, hair length, occupation and hobbies.

Escort’s colour makes it possible for you to choose between black, white, coloured and Asian escorts in South Africa. You can also book exotic escorts who are just visiting SA shortly or even hire the services of an escort from the neighbouring country on the Exotic Africa website. Location enables you to book an escort near you. While most online escorts prefer an early arrangement, you can just locate a call girl or rent boy near you and hire them straight away.

Where do I get SA escort numbers?call girls

We understand that some needs cannot just wait and maybe you have an urgent need for companionship, relaxing massage or sex that needs to be quenched urgently. This is why the escorts listed on our website have also displayed their mobile numbers. Just press the call button and you will be able to discuss your needs with your preferred escort. Many escorts do not like to display education level and occupation for security purposes, but you can always ask your preferred escort during the booking process. The ‘Message’ button on the website enables you to chat with an escort exclusively on the website and make arrangements for a date. If you are looking for a long term arrangement, weekend date or girlfriend experience, this is the best way to establish a connection and also book early. It gives the escort time to plan well.

Is prostitution legal in South Africa?

prostitutesOne thing you need to understand is that the metro police charge R1500 for soliciting, and this is why most sex workers no longer want to solicit on the streets. Other issues facing South African prostitutes include sex tourism, human trafficking and police brutality. In order to safeguard the rights of sex workers, organisations such as SWEAT have been lobbying for decriminalisation of sex work in order to safeguard the rights of those involved.


Things you need to know before booking an escort

Therefore, you need to know your limits when hiring an escort. Do not try her to do things she is not willing to do, and do not run away with her money because this can be brought up against you in a court of law. South African escorts are very empowered and require to be treated with respect. So try as much as possible to understand her needs also and treat her or him as a fellow human being.

Another thing you need to know is that brothel-keeping and pimping are illegal in South Africa, and this is why you need to always book independent escorts on websites such as Exotic Africa. There is no pimp, no brothel, just two adults who work together to satisfy the needs of each other. We do not get involved with escorts beyond advertisement. Any agreement you have is between the two of you.

How to remain safe when hiring girls for sex in South Africa

HIV is also a major issue in South Africa, with research indicating that sex workers have transmitted HIV to 12 per cent of clients. Much as you would like to get a quickie on the streets with the hope that one ejaculation will not infect you, you also need to consider the aftermath of the quickie. Quickies are not bad, but what we are trying to say is that you need to prepare early enough so that you do not forget to carry a condom. Online booking is a good way to ensure that you remain protected, because you can always ask the escort to bring protection. Furthermore, some escorts meet you at their own premises and this makes it even easier to use protection because they always have sufficient supplies at home.

What is the price of sex in South Africa?

As far as buying sex is concerned, a quickie lasts 10-20 minutes, while short time is 30 minutes long. All night lasts the entire night. These services are charged per hour, but if you are booking for full house, you will be charged for the services because this involves penetrative sex. You can also book an escort for several days or weeks especially if you are looking for girlfriend experience or companionship during travel. You can always buy her or him alcohol and gifts, but the payment agreed must always be in cash. You can pay anything between R800-3000 per hour for escort services depending on the agreement you have.

Can I get young teenage girls for sex in South Africa?

Finally, sexual activity with minors below the age of 16 is prohibited, and as such kissing, hugging and petting a child can carry a jail sentence. At Exotic Africa, we do not allow minors to advertise escort services.

Read this before hiring an escort, call girl, hooker or street prostitute in Cameroon

Cameroon Flag Exotic AfricaCameroon has a sizeable number of prostitutes who practice indoors and outdoors. Outcall escort services, mobile sex, and massage services are growing fast, though most girls and male sex workers still wait for clients in the snack bars, hotel lounges, brothels and sometimes streets. The brothels are mainly in the Capital city and border towns where sex traffickers use to peddle foreign girls to other countries. You can find local Cameroonian girls and Nigerian girls in these brothels as early as 6 am.

Many married men visit these brothels for quick sex before work, and the sex workers refer to this service as ‘breakfast.’ There is also a growing number of working Chinese girls who offer sex in big hotels.

How much does sex cost in Cameroon?

Sex in Cameroon is priced differently. The Chinese and premium escorts who cater to VIPs, for instance, charge CFA 20,000 or more, considering that a decent hotel that has good facilities and shower may cost about CFA 10,000. During off-peak time, you can book a hooker or call girl for 5,000-10,000. These include girls who work online or on Whatsapp, such as Exotic Africa. The advantage of such girls is that you can organize to meet up at a discreet location away from the glaring eyes of your friends. You can also select the best-rated girls and even organize a threesome away from town.
If you are in a hurry and can’t wait to meet your online bae, you can always get a shot at CFA 1000. This is the price of street hookers who offer 5-20 minute sessions. Regardless of the location, Cameroonian sex girls offer prolongation time at an extra pay.

What services do hookers, call girls and escorts in Cameroon offer?

Escorts Cameroon

Depending on the nature of their job, each worker decides on the types of services they offer. Most escorts offer basically companionship to lonely men who want to talk to someone as they drink, cuddle at night or just a simple girlfriend experience. Some girls offer erotic full body massage, and pornstar moves. Oral sex, handjob, and other extra services can also be availed upon request. However, you must remember that prostitution is illegal in Cameroon.

Why did Cameroon girls and men become prostitutes?

People have different reasons for doing what they do. There are some university girls who are just looking for a way to generate money for upkeep or more money to buy pleasantries that their parents cannot provide. Prostitution in Cameroonian universities has been a booming business as it promises young girls of a good life in school.
Others become call girls and hookers because of their uncontrollable sexual urge. In such a case, prostitution becomes an easy way to relieve themselves as they also enjoy pleasure.
Some men have been discriminated by females because of their large male organs, and this also forces them to venture into prostitution.
Husband pimping is another popular concept in Cameroon, where husbands ask their wives to peddle sex in order to improve their living conditions. Most of these wives find themselves in Europe where they sell sex to the whites for monthly pay. It has also been established that civil servants ask their wives to sleep with their bosses so they can receive promotions and fair working terms at work.

Things you need to know before hiring a prostitute in Cameroon

It is important to know that all prostitutes in Cameroon suffer stigma. Male escorts are mainly targeted by police because homosexuality is a taboo in Africa. This makes it hard for them to access medical care and increase their risk of contracting HIV.
In some cases, clients abuse sex girls into having unprotected sex, exposing them to HIV and other STDs. This makes it hard for them to distinguish between genuine and fake clients, hence shying away from street hookups. This is why online hookup sites such as Exotic Africa are gaining popularity as it offers a considerable measure of safety and privacy.
If you want cheap sex from Cameroonian girls, you need to be well endowed. Call girls consider this enough payment as they can pleasure themselves even as they work. They often give men with big dicks a discount or even free service, but she must be willing to give you that service.
Payment is before service at all times, and also remember to discuss all the services you need with the girl.

Can I get hookups on Exotic Africa?

Exotic Africa lists independent girls who are willingly working as escorts and their phone numbers. If you are interested in a girl, just chat them on the website or copy their WhatsApp number on the website and talk to them directly. Some girls charge a fixed rate, but you can always negotiate the services you want, duration and cost. We do not provide direct hookups because pimping is illegal in Cameroon. We also do not benefit from the money they earn from their activities or control the nature of the services offered.

Kenya vs Tanzania: Nightlife & Women Dating

Kenya vs Tanzania: Nightlife & Women Dating

Africa has so many popular countries when it comes to meeting local girls and enjoying the nightlife. Recently, Kenya and Tanzania seem to be among the most popular destinations. Which is better? Well, that basically depends on who you ask, because everyone has different experiences and also different preferences.

Nevertheless, one can make some clear comparisons about what is different in each country and which places offer benefits in certain areas.

In this article, I will discuss the three main aspects that each single-traveler man takes into account when choosing a country: the nightlife, the women, and of course the prices.

(Short note: In Kenya, the analysis mainly refers to Nairobi and Mombasa, while in Tanzania Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar are the main places.)

Kenya Nightlife

Kenya is a fancy country in more ways than one, and especially Nairobi, which is increasingly referred to as the “Silicon Valley of Africa.” Nairobi has a huge range of bars and nightclubs, and many of them may well compete with other major cities such as Buenos Aires, Chicago or other major cities around the world.

There are also a few bars where you can immediately find a large selection of “working ladies” (freelance prostitutes) as well as normal “open-minded” girls, as well as hip clubs that are well-attended until the early hours of the morning. The Kenyan men are also quite friendly, rarely do you see or experience any drama yourself. Due to its location, Mombasa offers more beach atmosphere, but otherwise the nightlife is very similar to that in Nairobi. Good atmosphere everywhere and also some strip clubs.

Tanzania Nightlife

Dar es Salaam is a huge city and has developed into an urban metropolis over the past decade. Although not as bustling as Nairobi, the club scene in Dar es Salaam is still impressive, especially in the popular Oyster Bay neighborhood. You will often hear a strange mixture of western and Tanzanian music in the clubs, typically Africa.

There are some good bars that are packed every night, and especially in the clubs, you will not find it difficult to meet a nice lady for the night. As in Kenya, people in Tanzania are very relaxed and it is easy to make new friends in the restaurant or even on the streets during the day. A little further north on the island of Zanzibar is a bit more conservative because it is a predominantly Muslim area. But even here there is no shortage of chilled beach bars and clubs along the coast of the island.

Both countries have a relaxed and open-minded nightlife atmosphere, but I prefer Kenya here, mainly because of the better clubs in Nairobi and the general party mood around Mombasa. Tanzania, of course, is also great for going out, even if it does not offer as many options as Kenya – at least for now.

Women & Sex in Kenya

Sex in KenyaKenyan women are among the most attractive in the world for many reasons. They have this ethnic African look, but also a refined aesthetic while keeping fit and slim. Basically the stereotypical African curvy body in a relatively slender shape. Kenyan women are also pretty self-confident, educated, intelligent and passionate – you can tell right away.

Kenyan men do not always treat their wives like princesses, which always gives them certain advantages from the outset as German gentlemen. There are many pro and semi-pro girls in Kenya, and they are relaxed, fairly fair, and they really seem to enjoy their work. They are also sexually more open than many other African women and take care of their husbands with a lot of heart.


Women & Sex in Tanzania

Women Sex TanzaniaTanzanian women are not so different, both in appearance and character, especially in the big cities. However, they are not usually as educated or overly confident as Kenyan women. They also do not expect so much money or small “gifts” after the sex as Kenyan girls and are usually completely satisfied with the time they spend with a nice foreigner.

The women in Tanzania are often a bit more “authentic”, too. not quite as western-like as Kenyan women, and that is what many men prefer. The women in Zanzibar tend to have more Arabian influences and are more conservative, but there are still plenty of people who would like to have some fun. Overall, Tanzanian women are always pleasant, quite attractive, and have an excellent reputation for sex.

Where to Get Sex in Namibia

Sex and Prostitution in Namibia

Namibian Escort GirlsNamibia is a famous sex hub, with all XXX rated activities being centred around Windhoek. Both local girls, men and foreigners offer sex services which include oral sex, anal sex, homosexual and transgender sex. Male university students often give masturbation for pay.

Where can I get Girls for Sex in Namibia?

Men and women looking for sex in Windhoek have to go to the streets or clubs to find a hooker. However, street hookups are very tricky because police are always on the lookout for hookers especially after 10pm. Anybody in need of a quickie is at risk of arrest. Brothels run as bars because they are not allowed, and many bars also offer lodging services for sex workers.

When picking girls for sex in Namibia, you need to be aware of child prostitution, sex trafficking and HIV infections that have been aggravated by the rampant prostitution on the streets.

Get Hot Girls online escort websites

Amidst all these challenges, there is still a solution for blue balls and sexual starvation. If you find yourself horny in the middle of the day or night, you can always call an online escort on Exotic Africa. Exotic Africa escorts in Namibia are drawn from the country as well as the neighbouring countries. Find flexible incall and outcall escorts from Zambia, South Africa, Angola and Botswana right here.

What services do Windhoek escorts on Exotic Africa offer?

Exotic Africa escorts are independent courtesans who offer a wide range of services ranging from erotic massage to extras. If you are bored and need the company of a beautiful lady in Windhoek, hookup with Exotic escorts online. Login to the escort website and book hot escorts for a date, travel companionship or night out. These escorts set their prices as they deem fit and are always open to negotiation.

Get premium escorts in Windhoek today and enjoy being treated like a king/queen.

Nairobi Raha

Nairobi Raha is a keyword describing fun in Nairobi. Raha is a word denoting fun and Nairobi; well as the word suggests Nairobi; the capital city of Kenya. As such Nairobi raha in this case denotes fun in Nairobi found on our Exotic Kenya Nairobi Raha page. If you are in Nairobi, find sexy call girls in Nairobi from our Nairobi Raha page today.

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