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Frequently asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Anal Rimming?

Anal rimming is a phrase means someone is licking another person’s ass and anus.

What is Adult Services?

Adult services are usually services given by men and women that are in connection with some kind of sexual practice. It is possible that they are connected to prostitution or some kind of adult entertainment (pornographic) business.

What is Anal Sex?

Anal sex is sexual expression mostly from the porn industry, it means sexual penetration into the anus.

What is BLS?

Ball licking and sucking (BLS) is often seen in porn movies, the most important element of foreplay on the groin and also for men in the bed.

What is COB?

COB stands for cum on body, when a man ejaculates on the woman’s body. Sometimes it is an extra for clients who order escort services, sometimes it’s included in the service.

What is Erotic Massage?

Erotic massage is service often asked by clients. Most of the escorts give this as a basic service, usually with a hand job or blowjob at the end.

What is Escort Classifieds?

Escort classifieds are escort ads that are usually can be found on different escort websites.

What is GFE?

GFE stands for girlfriend experience. Many clients in the escort world ask for GFE, that means the escort girl has to act like if she would be the client’s real girlfriend.

What is OWO?

OWO stands for oral sex without a condom, where the escort girl gives a blowjob or sucking without a condom.

What is MILF?

MILF is usually used in the porn industry, the meaning of this word is “mother I like to fuck”. Mature pornstars and mature escorts are often called MILFs.

What is PSE?

PSE stands for porn star experience. Many clients like to order escort girls that are porn stars as well, to get a professional sexual service as they think (and it’s often true) that porn star girls are far the best lovers in the bed.

What is Sex Without Condom?

Sex without condom often asked by clients of escort girls, however, it’s an unsafe way to have a sexual experience with a sex-worker. We do recommend to have always sex with a condom with sex workers!

What is Squirting?

Squirting is an expulsion of fluid when women have ejaculation so during or before the female orgasm.

What is Adult Works?

Adult works are jobs and possibilities that are available only for individuals who are over 18 years old (in some cases 21 years old). Adult works often have to do something with sex, the most popular opportunities are in the porn industry or on webcam sites. However, some choose to be sex workers or escorts.

What is ATM?

ATM came out of the popularity of anal sex scenes, stands for ass to mouth. It means a man anally penetrates a woman then put his dick into her mouth.

What is Bukkake?

Bukkake is a phrase when several men are masturbating and ejaculating on a single woman. The phrase comes from an old Japanese tradition. The number of men can vary from a few to a few hundred, to goal is to ejaculate as much as possible.

What is COF?

COF stands for cum on face; when a man ejaculates on the woman’s face. Usually, it’s an extra service when a man orders an escort lady.

What is Deep Throat (DT)?

Deepthroat (DT) is a phrase meaning someone can put deep in her throat a dick while sucking or giving a blowjob.

What is Escort?

Escort is a woman or a man who gives companion services for money this can most of the time include sexual services. They are sometimes called call girls or prostitutes. Escorts are usually high-priced and high-class women or men.

What is Escort Services?

Escort services are escorting services offered by escorts. These are predominantly accompaniment services. Meaning a client, in this case, a website visitor and a service provider, in this case, an escort organize for a meetup say for a date or any meeting arrangement. A client also can decide to meet up with an escort who gives sexual favors in exchange of cash. The services can include a great variety of things such as:

  • kiss with tongue
  • sex massage
  • anal sex
  • anal rimming
  • golden shower (pee on the client)
  • BDSM /SM – Sado Mazo
  • Domina / Mistress Games
  • GFE (Girl Friend Experience)
  • PSE (Porn Star Experience)
  • Fetishes
  • Cum Swallow

And the list goes on. The best way to know more about the escort services is to ask the escort in question directly.

What is a Golden Shower?

Golden shower means that the sexual excitement is associated with urination, so the escort girl must urinate / pee on the ground, bed or even on the client’s body.

What is Incall?

Incall means that the escort is working in a fixed place, usually in a flat or a house, sometimes with other escorts, so the clients can go “in” that place, as the escort is not willing to go out and work elsewhere.

What is Outcall?

Outcall means that the escort is available to come to your location. This could be a hotel, a residence or any other place that the client will decide and provide accommodation for.

What is Multiple Times Sex?

Multiple times sex means that a client can have multiple orgasms and sexual experiences with an escort girl during the hours he paid for.

What is OWOTC?

OWOTC means oral without condom to completion. This service means that the escort girl gives a blowjob without condom until the client makes a cumshot in her mouth.

What is Pornstar Escort?

Pornstar escort stands for girls, who are not only escorting girls but do porn movies as well. Usually, porn star escorts have higher prices as their fans are ready to pay more money for sexual services than for a normal escort girl.

What is Pussy Licking?

Pussy licking is sexual foreplay when a male/female is licking the pussy of his / her sexual partner.

What is Sexpartner?

A sex partner is someone who has sex with you, it doesn’t matter if it’s only oral sex, normal sex or anal sex. There has to be some kind of penetration between the sex partners.

What is Teen Sex?

Teen sex is mentioned when young teenagers are having sex with each other or older persons. It’s important to mention that “teen sex” is a porn category, however, any kind of sexual contact with a person under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited and illegal as well as not condoned on Exotic Africa.

What is Anal?

Anal is a word often used for anal sex. This phrase is often used in the porn industry for scenes where the male actors penetrate with their penis into the actress’ anus.

What is Bitch?

Bitch refers to a woman with high sexual desire, it can refer also to someone who is is a prostitute. Bitch can be used as an insult as well.

What is Celebrity Escorts?

Celebrity escorts are escort girls who are famous.

What are Couples?

A couple is a sexual phrase in the escort world, it’s a service when the escort is willing to have sex for money with couples, not only with a single man or woman as well.

What is DFK?

DFK stands for deep french kissing, a service from escorts usually for extra money and only if they like the client.

What is Escort Ads?

Escort-Ads are advertisements used by escort girls or sex workers to sell their services. Adult works are often advertised through the Internet, escort services are very similar in this case.

What is Foot Fetish?

Foot fetish means when someone has to play with the partner’s feet to induce sexual excitement and satisfaction. Escorts are often asked to do foot job for clients who are foot fetishists.

What is Hand Job?

A handjob is when a girl uses her hand on a man to masturbating him.

What are Independent Escorts?

An independent escort is an escort girl who is working for herself without an escort agency in the background. She is the only one who is responsible for her jobs, safety, and income.

What is Oral Sex?

Oral sex is a sexual activity where the sex partners stimulate the genitalia of a man or woman by using the mouth (tongue, lips, sometimes even teeth or throat).

What is Porn Star?

Porn Stars are actors or actresses who have a contract with adult movie companies and sell their sexual services. They have to do sexual acts for money with men or women in front of the camera.

What are Prostitutes?

Prostitutes are individuals (men and women) who are in the commercial sex market. This means they practice sexual relations in exchange for payment, which can be cash or something else, that’s upon the agreement of the individuals involved in the situation. Be wary not to call ladies on Exotic South Africa Prostitutes as the term is degrading

What is Sex?

Sex is basically the sexual act between two or more people. There are different types of sex, such as oral sex, vaginal sex, anal sex.

What is Slut?

Slut as a term used to an individual who makes sexual services for money, or has loose sexual morals. It can be used as an insult as well.

What are Toys?

Toys are an often-used phrase in the escort world, escorts with this service like to play with dildos and other sexual accessories.

What is Blowjob?

Blowjob (BJ) means to suck someone’s dick with the mouth. A blowjob often ends with a cumshot.

What is CIM?

CIM stands for cum in the mouth when a man can ejaculate into a woman’s mouth. Usually, this is an extra when we are talking about escort girls.

What is Cum Swallow?

Swallowing cum happens when someone gives a head or blowjob to a man. During the ejaculation, a load of sperm goes into the mouth of the person who sucked and the person swallows it.

What is DP?

DP stands for double penetration, a sex position often used in porn movies. Double penetration means when a single woman is penetrated with one dick in her pussy and another in her anus.

What is Escort Agency?

An escort agency is an agency specialized for escort services. The escorts receive the background, safety, the works and clients from the escort agency. Escort agencies ask a percentage as a commission from the escorts for their services.

What is Foot Job?

Footjob (FJ) is a sexual practice that means someone is using her feet to induce sexual excitement or orgasm on a man.

What is High-Class Escorts?

High-Class Escorts are escorts (male or female), who are in the highest category of the industry. Due to their popularity (celebrities, pornstars), or their exclusive outlook they are the highest paid escorts in the world. Usually, they do travel meetings for high prices per hour.

What is Luxury Escorts?

Luxury Escorts are escorts who are usually exceptionally beautiful and/or have special services. Luxury VIP escorts have usually higher rates than normal call girls.

What is Porn Actress?

A Porno Actress (porn actress) is a female, who is doing porn movies for money as a job.

What is Prostitution?

Prostitution is a business, where the woman/man gives sexual services in exchange for money or for other material payments.

What is Sex Massage?

Sex massage is a kind of sexual service where the person gives a sensuous massage to another person by stimulating his or her erogenous zones. Sex massage is often given in erotic massage parlors, sometimes the service includes a hand job or a blowjob.

What is SM?

SM refers to sadomasochism, a sexual behavior when the client’s sexual excitement is often based on aggressive sexual games. This is dangerous and not advised.

What is Whore?

Whore has the same meaning as hooker or prostitute. Someone who makes sexual relations in exchange for money or other types of payments. This can also be a term used as an insult.

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