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Ignite your zest for life and hook up with exotic escorts in Pemba

Untouched by civilization Pemba is where you go when you want to escape the world. This pristine island of great beauty and fertility, off the coast of East Africa, will instantly ignite your passion for life. Hook up with exotic escorts in Pemba on Exotic Africa and create magic together.

Escorts from Pemba

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Famous for its lush, green hills and clove plantations, Pemba is a little paradise. Pemba is a magical island characterized by gentle, undulating hills and deep verdant valleys covered with a dense cover of clove, coconut, mango and other fruit and crop plantations. Located off the coast of East Africa, Pemba Island is part of Tanzania’s Zanzibar Archipelago. The Pemba Channel, with its coral reefs and abundant marine life, separates the island from mainland Tanzania. Pemba has three major towns: Chake Chake (where the airport is), Mkoani (where the ferry port is) and Wete, which is near to Ngezi Forest and the amazing beaches of the northern tip of the island.

Where to stay in Pemba
You will not miss a place to rest your head in pemba. There are several hotels in Pemba island to suit each one’s budget. They are high end hotels with excellent service and several town places with very affordable prices.

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