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    Located in the heartland of Tanzania, Dodoma is the nation’s official capital and the seat of government in the country. Dodoma escorts will drive you crazy with their big buttocks, sexy accents, humility and love for life. Meet escorts of all sizes and shapes in Dodoma today on Exotic Africa.

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    Escorts from Dodoma

    Located in the heartland of Tanzania, Dodoma is the nation’s official political capital and the seat of government in the country. Comparably, it is much smaller and less developed than the country’s commercial centre, Dar es Salaam. It borders four Regions namely Manyara, Iringa, Singida and Morogoro. It is accessible from Manyara through Babati and Kateshi in Manyara Region; Dar es Salaam and Pwani through Morogoro and Tabora, Shinyanga and Mwanza through Manyoni in Singida Region. All the Roads are accessible throughout the year.

    Like Most Regions in Tanzania Mainland, the population of Dodoma Region has experienced a significant growth. The Region had 2,083,588 people in 2012 compared to 1,086,748 inhabitants counted in the 2002 Census. It is projected that by the year 2022 Dodoma Region Region will have a total population of about 2,642,287 and an average population density of 60 people per square kilometer.

    The main indigenous ethnic groups residing in Dodoma Region are Gogo, Rangi and Taturu. Others who form significant minorities are the Sandawe, Barbaig, Hadzabe, Kimbu, and the Sangu. Dodoma Region is mostly Semi-arid due to low and erratic rainfall. Rainfall is the most important climatic factor in the Region. It falls in a single rainy season between November/December and April/May.

    Things to do in Dodoma

    Dodoma is full of fup places and items of interest.It is the centre of Tanzania’s growing wine industry and the Tanganyika Vineyards Company is active in promoting its products.

    For the shopaholic in Dodoma,Shabibi Supermarket has all your shopping needs sorted. If you’re looking for something fresh and homemade then Two Sisters, found in Hatibu Avenue, is for you.

    For the site seer in Dodoma;Museum of GeoSciences is open and ready to welcome you.

    Nyerere Square, found in the heart of the CBD in Dodoma is another fun stop over. was created in the memory of Mwl. Julius K. Nyerere, first president of the Republic of Tanzania, and has plenty of historical significance. It is worth making a stopover and spending your lunchtime there while snapping a few photos.

    The Kondoa Irangi Rock Paintings, a series of caves carved into the side of a hill looking out over the steppe is another great attraction.The caves also contain paintings, some of which are believed by the Tanzania Antiquities Department to date back more than 50,000 years. The exact number of rock art sites in the Kondoa area is currently uncertain, however, estimates are of between 150 and 450 of the decorated rock shelters, perhaps you’ll even discover a few new ones of your own.

    For the foodie in Dodoma, grab a hearty meal in the form of tasty Italian food, this including enjoying one of Tanzania’s better pizzas, served in the shadow of Lion Rock at Leone L’Africano.
    For those who have a sweet tooth and simply must have something to satisfy the cravings, you should definitely check out Aladdin’s place. New Dodoma Hotel, serving a few international and local dishes will have you licking your fingers once you sample their menu. Indian and local dishes are the most popular while the outdoor Barbeque Village grills up all kinds of meat at dinner time.

    Where to stay in Dodoma

    Fantasy Village Hotel, Dodoma Siesta Inn, Morena Hotel and Mesuma Lodge to mention but just a few all make great options for bed and breakfast while in Dodoma.

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